Why a Capital Partner?

Create a solid plan for succession and agency perpetuation for your business while maintaining autonomy and gaining support for growth.

What We Do

Why Broadstreet℠ ?

For over a decade, BroadStreet℠ has generated superior growth by partnering with the highest quality independent insurance agencies.

Our Overview

Our Philosophy

We invest in entrepreneurially run agencies to support growth, succession strategies and build value for all owners.

The Advantages

What Our Partners Say

With clients in more than twenty states nationwide, our partnerships spread far and wide, however they all share a common experience.

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“There's a certain type of entrepreneur that fits the BroadStreet℠ model: it's the leader who is not done yet—not done leading, not done growing, not done building, and not done working.”

Rick Miley

President & CEO

A partner to back your growth strategy

BroadStreet Partners℠ is an insurance brokerage company which operates through a diverse group of premier regional insurance agencies. BroadStreet’s℠ unique partnership approach aligns incentives through equity ownership and preserves the entrepreneurial orientation that distinguishes the most successful insurance firms.

Our proven approach incorporates a customized investment agreement based on the specific characteristics and needs of your firm as well as your long-term goals. In all cases, BroadStreet℠ establishes a meaningful equity interest in your firm with the remaining equity interest retained by current equity holders and management. Our unique model delivers operational autonomy and the ability to leverage our scale, acquisition expertise and access to capital.