10 New Investments in the First Quarter 2017

The BroadStreet℠ model continues to attract agencies with a need to perpetuate and create succession for their businesses.

During the first quarter of 2017 BroadStreet℠ and its core partners completed 10 investments, which improved our presence in the Midwest and solidified our footprint in Florida.

With our first quarter activity, we’ve added $23.7 million in annualized revenue and welcomed 8 new equity owners.

There continues to be a tremendous amount of consolidation activity among independent insurance agencies and brokers.  Our model is suited particularly well for those agency owners who want to continue to build their business while having access to new markets, the benefits of scale and ready access to capital resources to support growth.

To learn more about partnering with BroadStreet℠ and our partner agencies, please contact me.

Mar 31