BroadStreet℠ invests in entrepreneurially run agencies that are focused on accelerating the underlying value of their agency by executing a two-pronged strategy of acquisition and organic growth.

Key Differentiators

  • Agency Principals maintain ownership
  • Agency operates autonomously
  • Agency preserves brand identity
  • BroadStreet℠ supports growth through access to capital without personal recourse to the core partners
  • BroadStreet℠ empowers agencies to execute an acquisition strategy with legal and accounting support that has, to date, successfully added on over 260 acquisitions

We invest in firms that we expect to be successful in their own right, and we are committed to helping core partners identify opportunities for further growth through tuck-in acquisitions and leveraging the benefits of economies of scale to drive organic growth. This allows you to gain access to additional insurance markets for your agency, acquire and merge agencies, and grow the value of your agency.

Each core investment is negotiated individually within a proven framework based on the specific characteristics of the firm and the goals of its principals. The specific structure of each investment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual partner, with a meaningful equity interest retained by its management.

BroadStreet’s℠ investment structure aligns the interests of the core partner, its clients, and BroadStreet℠. Agency principals retain control of the day-to-day operational management and distinct culture that has shaped the success of their agency.

BroadStreet’s℠ approach provides a mechanism whereby agency Principals can individually realize the value of their retained equity and over time transfer their interests to the next generation within the firm. When BroadStreet℠ makes an investment, the agency’s ownership is often distributed among the agency’s management team, which provides a strong financial incentive for the agency’s leaders to increase the value of the agency.

We invest in high performing independent insurance agencies, with exceptional leadership teams, then we let them run their business.