Nine Additional Investments in the Third Quarter 2018

During the third quarter of 2018 BroadStreet℠ and its core partners completed 9 additional investments and added $13.2 million in annualized revenue.  These investments build on our presence in multiple geographies across the United States.

Through September 2018, BroadStreet℠ and its partners have made a total of 23 investments with $33.2 million in annualized revenue.

BroadStreet’s℠ co-ownership model continues to attract talented and entrepreneurial partners who are seeking a succession and perpetuation solution.  We remain particularly well suited for agency owners who want to continue to build their businesses by making their own acquisitions and who are seeking to hiring new producers to support their organic revenue growth goals.

To learn more about partnering with BroadStreet℠ and our partner agencies, please contact me.

Sep 30