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There’s No Image Problem in the Insurance Industry According to our Interns

At BroadStreet℠ we’re building a long-term sustainable business and we make a point of investing in people in order to develop the next generation of agency leaders.

This summer, more than 20 interns spent time at our Core partner agencies. During their summer experiences, they get perspectives on roles in insurance for any type of business major. They also see that their colleagues are problem solvers, innovators, data analysts, computer engineers, consultants and confidants.

Our interns experience, first hand, the intellectual challenges that go along with solving complex risk management problems and they also come to understand that our business is about helping people. This becomes especially clear when they see their colleagues field the first calls from clients when something goes terribly wrong.

Several of our interns were awarded a $5,000 scholarship from the CIAB, and we’re proud of them for their accomplishments. We’re also pleased with the connection that our internship programs build with our Core partners: approximately 50% of our intern alumni are eventually hired full time at our Core partners.

Much has been written about an image problem in the insurance industry: that it’s old fashioned, boring and stodgy.

Our interns know better, and we look forward to seeing many of them again next year.

To learn more about BroadStreet℠ and our approach to building a long-term sustainable business, please contact me.

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