Doing Things Well and Doing Things Right

We never miss an opportunity to highlight that BroadStreet’s℠ core partners are among the best independent agencies in the country.  When we meet with the leaders of independent agencies, we tell them that that there’s a certain type of agency that makes a good partner.

When we create new partnerships, the leadership teams don’t leave, they don’t retire, they don’t exit:    that’s because we have partners who aren’t done yet–they’re not done growing, building, working and leading.

A recent example of this leadership is the E&O Plus Quality Management Award that Smith Brothers Insurance (Glastonbury, Connecticut) earned.  This is award is presented to agencies that demonstrate outstanding devotion to quality management and a commitment to excellence in the area of client service through the mitigation and prevention of errors and omissions.

This is one of many examples of the recognition our partners receive at a national and regional level.  Our partners do things well and they do things right.

  • Our partners serve on the advisory councils for the country’s largest insurance companies, where they lead as advocates for the industry;
  • They are among the largest agencies in their regions, helping leading local, regional and national companies manage risk across the spectrum of complexity;
  • They are typically ranked as best places to work and create economic opportunity for the people in their communities;
  • They sponsor and support local causes and events that support the general wellness of their communities.

Contact me  to discuss joining BroadStreet℠ and our outstanding group of core partners.

Jul 31