Co-Ownership Advantages

Co-Ownership creates an aligned partnership.

Our partners are successful entrepreneurs who are great at what they do. BroadStreet’s role is to financially support our partners’ growth, both organically and through acquisitions, to increase the value of the agency for all equity owners.

Partnering with BroadStreet means:

Participate in the upside of your agency’s success

  • You deserve to reap the financial rewards of your hard work
  • Co-ownership rewards those who are most responsible for building agency value with equity value accretion and dividend distributions

Retain operational autonomy & community legacy

  • You maintain your branding, internal systems, leadership structure, culture and community legacy
  • You do what you do best as an entrepreneur, innovator and business leader
  • You focus on the day-to-day operations, we support your strategic growth goals

Gain from BroadStreet’s acquisition expertise & scale

  • We are your due diligence team, legal experts and capital partner for tuck-in acquisitions
  • We have supported our partners on over 450 transactions
  • We leverage our scale to save money, enhance revenue and mitigate risk

Develop future leaders & direct ownership succession

  • You continue to develop the next generation of leaders for your agency
  • Our ownership succession strategies give you the flexibility to develop and fund future owners


Culture of Ownership

  • All shareholder interests are aligned to build value


Operational Autonomy

  • Our agency leaders are the operational experts; BroadStreet is the financial partner


Acquisition Support and Capital Access

  • We have assisted our partners with more than 450 tuck-in acquisitions and have access to capital through our credit facility


Long Term Orientation

  • BroadStreet’s majority owner is a pension plan, which has a uniquely long investment horizon and allows us to build a sustainable business