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BroadStreet℠ Leaders to Present at Upcoming Industry Conferences

At BroadStreet Partners℠ we are always looking for ways to advance the discussion about the industry, discuss opportunities and challenges and describe ways to position our industry for the next generation of leadership. We have a history of helping agencies solve succession, perpetuation and ownership challenges and our partners have built reputations as experts in perpetuation, succession and partnership in their regions.

Throughout the year, the leaders of our core agency partners participate in discussion panels at conferences and meetings at the local, state, regional and national levels. In the next several weeks BroadStreet℠ leaders will participate in discussion panels at industry meetings where they will share their experiences and expertise on a number of topics.

  • On October 28, 2016 During the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents Annual Conference, Joe Smith, President and CEO of Smith Brothers Insurance, located in Glastonbury, CT, will participate in a panel discussion about merger and acquisition trends. Since joining BroadStreet℠ as a partner, the Smith Brothers Insurance Agency has made 6 tuck-in acquisitions and has added new equity partners. More information about the panel discussion can be found here.
  • On November 10, 2016, during the 10th Annual Insurance Brokerage Summit, BroadStreet℠ President and CEO, Rick Miley will participate in a panel discussion about the outlook for the insurance distribution industry. More information about this meeting can be found here.

The reputations and profitable operating platforms that our partners have devoted themselves to establishing and maintaining are a tremendous assets and our goal as a partner is to preserve those sound policies and procedures. Our primary interest is in supporting growth and expansion through access to the capital needed to make tuck-in acquisitions and provide additional funding to position agencies for the next generation of leadership.

To learn more about BroadStreet Partners℠ and our approach, please contact us.

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