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We’re Partnering with People, Not Just Investing in a Business

In the insurance brokerage business, the headline for the last three years has been all about the number of transactions that have been done and how many agencies have been purchased. BroadStreet℠ has been at this business for about 15 years now—the headline articles about deal flow, and pipelines, and who’s buying who—these articles are missing the point.

Our business has little to do with transactions, and everything to do with people.

We partner with people. We’re not just investing in a business.

Our team has conversations everyday with new potential partners, and people love BroadStreet’s℠ approach:

  • Our partners aren’t looking for a way out of the business—they’re constantly looking to to build their businesses and expand their opportunities;
  • Our partners aren’t looking to sell out and retire—they’re looking for ways to mentor, coach and promote their best people into new leadership roles;
  • Our partners aren’t cutting staff, they’re making commitments to hire new staff and producers to create and support organic business growth

As we embark on 2017, there are a lot of uncertainties, but that’s nothing new: Insurance cycles will go from hard to soft, interest rates will rise and fall, new political paradigms will emerge and be replaced every 4 to 8 years. We respond to uncertainty with a set of guiding principles that don’t change. They describe how we treat our partners and colleagues—“our people”—and they’re as applicable now as ever: respect, partnership and leadership.

We treat people with respect, we create true partnerships and we’ve built an environment that encourages our partners to be entrepreneurial leaders. When you treat people right and provide a framework for them to do what they do best, value creation is the natural output.

For more information about the BroadStreet℠ approach and the central role that people play in our successful partnerships, please contact me.

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