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Supporting Our Partners’ Agency Growth with Expertise and Capital

As consolidation continues for independent insurance agents, the ability to invest in and partner with high quality agencies requires legal, financial, accounting and other sophisticated expertise.

Perhaps more importantly, these transactions require ready access to fairly priced capital.

At BroadStreet Partners℠, we know these factors are critical to the success of our core partner agencies. Over the past 15 years, we’ve been there to support the growth of our partners as they have acquired more than 250 tuck-in agencies.

We provide our partners with transaction expertise and financial capacity that, due to the expense and scale they require, would be difficult for them to build for themselves. Supporting our partners’ growth strategies, and helping to make transactions easier to complete are key differentiators and advantages of the BroadStreet℠ business model.

Our partners confidently participate in the consolidating market, which helps them increase the size and efficiency of their operations and also allows them to acquire talented people and deep experience into their organizations. Outside of the BroadStreet℠ model, these opportunities might otherwise pass them by.

As they approach an ever-changing and consolidating marketplace, BroadStreet’s℠ core partners know that they have immediate access to:


M&A Professionals

We’ve built one of the insurance industry’s strongest merger and acquisition teams, hiring staff with insurance expertise literally from around the world. It’s a rare group of highly educated and very practical professionals, who have deep industry experience.

Our team members are expert in every aspect of M&A, covering the landscape in legal, financial, accounting, governance and other expertise.


Transaction Experts

With the experience that comes with completing 250 transactions, our team understands the nuances of the M&A process. Working only in the background, our professionals support our partners in every aspect of the transaction: LOIs, due diligence, negotiating terms and closing.

As with any investment, you actually achieve your greatest return upon buying it, not selling it. Our team offers real-time advice on what to look for in a transaction and how to structure it so that it’s a win-win for the parties involved. Since we’ve worked through many transactions with our partners, our agency leadership teams have become true experts at agency acquisitions as well.


Ready Financing

BroadStreet’s℠ partners also have ready access to capital through our proprietary bank facility, which provides our partner agencies with access to capital for their acquisitions without personal recourse.

Our partners never have to worry about where the money is going to come from when an opportunity arises to make an acquisition, whether it’s a book of business or a multi-location agency, they have the support of BroadStreet℠ as a stable and reliable capital partner.

Specifically, our partners have access to a significant line of credit without personal recourse at a very competitive rate. Our terms are structured to allow our partners to make investments that, in effect, cash flow themselves.


People and Values

Our partners have all of these advantages in growing their businesses, but in the end we believe the real differentiator is who we are as people, our values and our business model.

We believe trusted relationships are the most important factor in our business – our relationships with our partners, and our partners’ relationships with their customers. We live by the principles of partnership, respect, leadership and value creation.

Our business model, unlike public companies or private equity firms, is to invest in high-performing agencies where our partners continue to run their businesses with complete control of their operations. We don’t operate on a short-term basis in order to prepare for the next flip.

Since we take a long-term perspective, we focus on what it will take to continue to grow these businesses over the next five, ten or twenty years.

With this long view, the agencies that we partner with can be assured that the trusted relationships they’ve developed with customers, employees and others will continue as a tribute to their business-building legacy.


If you’d like to learn more about how we support the growth of our partners’ agencies, please contact us.

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