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The Choices We Make Control the Uncertainty We Face

We have a lot to consider in this election season. Across the country, we are voting on a number of local, state and national issues. Naturally, over the last few months, I have had several conversations about what this year’s election cycle could hold for the independent agency business.

None of us have a crystal ball, but we all have choices, and our own actions serve to control the uncertainty we face.

When we meet with potential Core partners, we offer to mitigate agency owners’ uncertainty through a unique approach to agency perpetuation. Our current Core partners have been able to eliminate some of their own uncertainty by choosing:

  • Co-ownership, because they are entrepreneurs, and they can maintain an ongoing equity position in the agency that they have built;
  • Operational autonomy, because their leadership teams are experts at what they do, and they can continue to make the day-to-day operating decisions that impact their clients and colleagues;
  • BroadStreet as a stable financial partner, because they want to accelerate their growth, and they can continue to build the value of their agency.

At BroadStreet, our philosophy is to be creative and flexible so that our partners can achieve their perpetuation objectives. We develop customized arrangements with each of our Core partners that address everything from optimizing a tax strategy to future leadership succession. We know that partnerships work best when both partners win.

It’s better when you’re a partner.

Please contact me to begin a discussion about what choices are available to you as you consider alternatives for agency perpetuation.

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