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We Don’t Own a Cookie Cutter…Great Partners Come in All Forms

At BroadStreet℠, we’re accustomed to being prepared, adapting and staying flexible.

Our partners are great risk management professionals, and they’re also entrepreneurs. The form and structure of our partners have been historically varied, but our bias has always been to get creative and find a way to make partnerships work with great agency leaders.

A key element of our approach to investing in Core partners is our willingness and ability to construct Customized Investment Agreements.

  • One of our partners was formerly an ESOP, and we worked together to strike a fair valuation for all owners, while recapitalizing the agency and getting more ownership to the producers and executives who are most responsible for the agency’s successful performance.
  • We worked with one of our partners to essentially disassemble a previous merger, and carve out an exceptional group of agency leaders with an appetite for growth and ownership.
  • We have designed investment agreements that have allowed highly concentrated owners to monetize while facilitating an ownership transfer to key members of the next generation of agency leadership.
  • We have created arrangements for agency principals to separate amicably from silent partners and non-employee owners and help to install a culture of ownership within the agency.

We appreciate when our partners have a relatively straightforward structure, but we embrace and seek out opportunities to invest in partners with non-traditional arrangements.

Because we only invest in 2-3 Core agency partners each year, we don’t have to take a cookie-cutter approach. Is this less efficient? Of course it is: but the result is a better outcome for us and our partners. We tend to create a unique bond with these partners when we establish a two-way commitment and overcome challenges together. We know in the end its worth it, because when we come together, we’ll accomplish more collectively than we ever could on our own.

At BroadStreet℠, we’re always seeking to have conversations with great potential partners, regardless of how your agency may be structured. To find out more about our approach, I encourage you to contact me to start a discussion.

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